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Hotels and holiday parks beckon to tourists from all countries. They would like to convince travelers to stay with them. But that often happens with uninspiring texts and meaningless words. If you venture into mating rituals without feeling, you will simply be eaten.

In the jungle you have to trumpet like an elephant, roar like a tiger or sing like a white-hand gibbon. Then you will really be heard! And right there WE make the difference. A promotional text that moves people. A sentence that makes sense. You feel our content.

Tarzan’s cry echoes throughout the jungle.

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Tarzans Expertise

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We are not affraid to run our mouths: we put words in their place without mercy.


SEO? Sure! And in such a way that search engines think it’s finger-licking good. Just like chocolate.

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Tarzan is the personification of hospitality: adventure, freedom and playful, but dead serious.