Privacy Policy

Tarzan Content (part of Bommadenise BVBA) recognises the importance of the proper management of your privacy-sensitive details, to ensure they are shielded from unauthorised access and cannot be used for purposes other than those you provided them for.

We will process and protect your personal data with all due care, at all times. We will deal with your personal data in a prudent manner and will comply with the relevant laws and legislation. This Privacy Statement is intended to inform you about the personal details that we process, about the measures we have taken to protect them and about your rights in connection with those details.

The purposes of collecting and processing personal data
Overall there are two types of situations in which you provide your own or a third party’s personal data to us: 1. When you request a quotation for translation services and 2. When you engage us to perform translation services.

We will only process your personal data for the purposes that come within the scope of your consent. Overall, those purposes can be generally described as ‘performing services’. We will not use your personal data for any other purpose, such as direct mailing campaigns or any other type of acquisition or advertising. In addition, we will not make your personal data available to any other party.

Ensuring protection of your personal data
To ensure proper protection of your personal data, our staff and internal and external translators are subject to specific privacy requirements. In addition, prior to their employment or before we do business with them, they are required to sign a confidentiality statement.

Beyond these written procedures we safeguard protection of your personal data by applying the need to know principle when executing your translation order. In practice, this means that access to your personal data will be limited to those individuals who are actually engaged in performing the translation job.

In the event of loss of your personal data, our staff members and external translators are required to report the incident to us without delay, allowing us to take measures for the purpose of limiting the potential consequences of the loss for you as the owner of the data (the ‘data subject’).

Your personal data – both in digital and hard copy formats (statements, copies of documents etc.) – are protected in compliance with the minimum statutory requirements. In addition, we will not keep your personal data for any longer than necessary to complete the assignment, unless in the event of a legal requirement to retain your details.

Loss of your personal data 
Tarzan Content has taken measures to minimise the risk of loss of your personal data (a data leak). Should a data leak nevertheless arise in which your personal data are lost and the loss is likely to result in serious infringement of your privacy, we will inform you without delay.

Privacy Officer
We will make every effort to ensure compliance with and the effective implementation of these regulations. Should you nevertheless feel that we have failed in the proper implementation of this Privacy Statement, you may submit a complaint with our Privacy Officer, Kajsa Rokebrand.

Tarzan Content reserves the right to adapt this Privacy Statement to recent developments in connection with the GDPR. Our website will always feature the most recent version of our Privacy Statement.

Tarzan Content (part of Bommadenise BVBA)